Numerologist Hans Decoz

Hans Decoz Numerologie was born May 15, 1949 in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, studied since 1969, when he discovered a quite exhausted and old book on the ancient spiritual science in a second hand shop in the library of Amsterdam. For many years, he experimented with instruments of Numerology, read and study everything they could find about the subject. Hans has travelled in Europe and Asia, in searching to know more and understand various forms and techniques used in numerology. Hans used Numerology to better understand to interpret your friends or acquaintances or several events at universal and personal level. Only after he had passed his intense skepticism could see that the practice of Numerology is another example of the last unit, the integrity and the abundance of the universe. 1982 Hans began the practice of Numerology in Houston Texas professional. Since then, he had a deep understanding of the science of Numerology, as what is recommended even for numerologist hans decoz life. Soon, numerology, rich had a thriving practice with several layers of housewife of Houston-population work and workers for the richest of the Houston business elite. 12 next › last»,.